March 2008
“Naturation”. Evan Holm + Miguel Arzabe.
Opening Friday March 7th, thru March 30th.
NATURATION is an exhibition of Miguel Arzabe and Evan Holm, two artists whose work draws inspiration from the growth and development processes of the natural world. The selected paintings and drawings of Miguel Arzabe explore an introspective wilderness experience, juxtaposed with urban cognizance, which intends to induce subliminal iterations of disparate knowledge that progress into candid explorations of the human condition. Relating both in contrast and affinity to Arzabe's work are the sculptures of Evan Holm, which exist as hybrids of everyday human objects consumed by a seemingly natural growth pattern.  Holm's work attempts to speak towards the beauty found in organic growth and to the subtle possibility of human objects finding grace through existing in the living world around us. To speak about Naturation, it is important to think in the real meaning and, maybe, in the etymological origin of this word. The word Naturation, is a neologism and it is based on the Latin terminology "Natura", that means nature in its wider sense. This idea contains a wide concept, because it implicates involving the urban and rural life in an environment where the nature recovers the protagonism, through exaltation of plant species that improve our life conditions in a sustainable way.